There’s No Place Like Home.

Dorothy ShoesWe all recognise this of course from the fabulous Wizard of Oz, and it’s no coincidence, that this has been very much on my mind since returning from Canada.

Elements of this story were used as a metaphor on my recent course and I have to say the impact was enormous. The magic of using metaphors therapeutically, is that we are all able to internally examine and deconstruct the messages, to fit our own unique life experiences. The individual translations then enable us to access hidden resources, that we can retrieve and bring back to the present with us.

I really align to the idea that we all have the knowledge and knowhow within us, to transform ourselves. However, all too often we seem to have trouble believing this fact. We spend endless amounts of time and energy searching and hoping to find the courage that the Lion seemingly lacked, or the heart that the Tin Man so desperately desired and of course the elusive brain, that was supposedly missing from the Scarecrow.

How often have you ignored those messages from inside you…..I’m not talking about the clanging noisy critical voices that habitually clutter our internal space, I mean those quiet engaging whispers that speak directly to our hearts. They immediately resonate with us and we feel a deep connection because this is our truth and our passion. It’s not headline news, but something we carry in our very being and intuitively know about ourselves.

For me it’s writing…actually it always has been. Consciously it seems like this is a relatively recent creative outlet, it’s only when I challenge that reality, do I find that writing has been woven into the fabric of my life but in different guises…. playing with limericks as a child, poetry and song lyrics growing up, love letters to my husband, epic outpourings of adoration to my children on every birthday card, countless private musings on every subject imaginable, written affirmations, creative mind maps, newsletters galore and presently my blog.

Obviously due to technology the blog currently is all that remains intact as most of my expressions inextricably end up languishing at the bottom of the waste paper basket. Even my very intermittent submissions online are a testament of my literary history. I hear the whisper and answer the call by tuning into my heart and write.

All is as it should be……

However, before long, I’m off dodging tournedos, tripping down that well trodden yellow brick road with Toto, munchkins, witches from the North and West, ducking to avoid the winged monkeys whilst singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”….. yes the whole kit and caboodle…believing that I need to journey to a far away place to find what I’m lacking.

Questioning whether I am bright enough to write out loud, am brave enough to share my thoughts and emotionally strong enough to bear the heartache of some assumed failure, linked to my lack of writing talent.

No wonder the Wizard of Oz metaphor had such an impact. Did the Tin Man really need a ticking watch, to represent a heart, proving he could love? Did the Lion’s medal give him courage? And did the honorary degree in Thinkology, make the Scarecrow wiser?

How strange, that we look for external permission, certification or approval to validate our gifts, instead of simply following our inner knowing, because this is where we will find happiness.

Dorothy finally realised that she didn’t need a wondrous wizard to help her find her way home at all, she had the ability the whole time, just as we all do. Our home is our spirit, our soul and our heart, which guides us. Not to some sparkling imagined magical emerald city at the end of an ever winding road, but to our back yard where we make our dreams come true, because we have always had the power within us.

Dust down your ruby slippers, are you ready?


Yes, I’m ready now.


Then close your eyes, and tap your heels

together three times.


And think to yourself — “There’s no place

like home; there’s no place like home;

there’s no place like home.”


There’s no place like home. There’s no

place like home. There’s no place like

home. There’s no place like home.

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Friendship Message From a Goat??

Having spoken recently about messages being delivered from the universe, it occurred to me that sometimes these can appear in the strangest of ways. I’m on record as not being a fan of the cloven hoof creature that is the goat, however I have to admit that the recent story of Mr G and Jellybean touched even me…..

This really illustrates the power of friendship and the impact it can have on our lives…it’s a precious gift we all should cherish, share and never underestimate it’s value.

Be open to those messages, from the strangest of places!!!!

Video courtesy of Animal Place/First Spark Media.

Contact details…

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You’re Already Awesome. Just Get Out of Your Own Way!

I have no doubt that there are messages from the universe that are designed just for us. If we are tuned in we recognise immediately when something resonates with us, it feels very much like it’s a targeted download, personally addressed and for our attention only.

Amidst all the noise and nonsense we instinctively feel that this information is important. I’ve had this experience on a number of occasions throughout my life and sadly have often challenged it, quietened it, or worst of all ignored it completely, not trusting my instincts enough to be confident I was the right recipient.

My journey to Canada last week revealed a clear and repeated message that I totally accepted delivery of. Perhaps being in a different environment and in a more receptive frame of mind made the process simpler or maybe it’s just time to finally “Get Out Of My Own Way”.

Its no coincidence that very recently, my sister introduced me to the TED series of talks you read their mission statement below you will understand why this is an amazing resource which I have become totally addicted to.

“Our Mission: Spread ideas

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. On, we’re building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers — and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other, both online and at TED and TEDx events around the world, all year long”

So with this new found oracle of knowledge and experiences to explore, I typed my message into the search box to see what would happen?? Here is Judson Brewer MD PhD, a thought leader in the “science of self-mastery,” sharing his thoughts on my message.

I wholeheartedly agree with his findings that we are all awesome, we just need to stop analysing and worrying, get out of our own way, and let the magic flow…

Step aside now…

For more on Judson, visit:


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“Sharing Your Brownies”.

how_to_make_brownies_14648_16x9-2“Imagine you have an oven full of rich delicious perfect brownies baking and that afternoon are having a garden party with your nearest and dearest as well as others who know you less well.  The smell becomes over powering and everyone’s tummies are rumbling…. you go into the kitchen and take out the brownies to cool on the counter and that is where you decide either to keep them all for yourself in the kitchen, or to bring them out and share, and enjoy in everyone else’s enjoyment as well“. MS

I have recently been fortunate enough to spend some time in Canada on a bit of a self- development journey…. I am still really integrating the whole experience and hope to share more about this in the future once my system, not known for its lightening super-fast downloading speed, has assimilated all the data.

However, it was glorious to find myself in a learning environment again, where strangers from around the globe were united by a shared common interest. Obviously whenever you gather a group of people together they arrive with unique skills sets, various levels of experience and knowledge, along with independent agendas and desired outcomes. We had representatives from most age groups, which kept the energy flowing and dynamic in nature with each person ultimately bringing a unique gift to the table.

A wonderful addition was the presence of resource people who had taken the course in the past and came to offer their support to the new apprentices, what an inspired concept. The glorious bonus of course was the opportunity to make new friends to share the adventure with.

It was one such friend who just recently sent the above message about the brownies and after spending much of the week examining the content, context and consequences of metaphors this seemed to be the perfect farewell present.

It was so curiously close to my own mantra of “share your treasure” …. it made me smile…. similar vibrations always resonate and act as beacon drawing in those with the same frequency. It’s no coincidence this happens when we tune in to others energetically, but it feels like alchemy and I’m hoping it might well be the jolt that re-kindles some magic.

I am blessed to have so many beautiful friends and family members that already “share their brownies”. If you find you have been hoarding yours in a hermetically sealed cake tin at the back of the cupboard, join me in prying it open, let the aroma lift your spirits and pass those brownies around right now….


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Perspectives Blog Pic

Have you ever found that train journeys can sometimes lull us into an almost trance like state, as we watch the world pass us by observing an ever changing canvas, this was my experience recently as we slowed on our approach into Waterloo station.

As well as the impressive city landmarks which form the London skyline I found my attention drawn in closer, to the more obscure and usually overlooked foreground images framed in my window.

Domes, turrets, stairways, balconies and rooftops hidden at one moment revealed themselves as we transited past them. Graffiti adorned walls stepped out of the shadows briefly and then retreated. Even the railway lines weaved in and out of vision depending on the curve of the tracks.

My view from the train also had the element of momentum which gently nudged me, tunnelling my vision through various angles as the motion of the train moved me closer and then further from the window, with that familiar rhythmic rock.

The juxtaposition of the cityscape structures altered as our final destination drew ever closer. As the dimension of the buildings flexed it struck me how the vista morphed, providing an ever changing vision depending on your perspective.

Now this word is of ultimate importance……

Imagine the variety of different perspectives from which to view these scenes……. the view from the train, the street view, the aerial view even the satellite view, to name just a few. It’s interesting because we all understand that these variables transform our view of the world around us and we are happy to accept this fluidity.

However, when we look into our own minds we are much more rigid with our internal perspectives.

How often does that critical voice inside us spout the same old messages from a beaten up old soapbox, that is firmly rooted in the same old spot facing, you’ve guessed it….that same old wall. Viewing our internal landscape from a static standpoint does not allow us to see or experience anything new and we miss the glory of the whole panorama that life has to offer.

This is especially true when we think negatively about ourselves or a situation. Instead of attempting to change our inner dialogue with more positive messages, or shift our soapbox to see if we can get a glimpse of something better , we resolutely stick fast to often outdated information that no longer serves us. And worst of all, we passively accept these perceptions as our absolute truth, we align with these limiting thoughts and it should be no surprise then, that life follows suit.

This inflexibility affords us no opportunity to experience a more glorious outlook.

Just as this journey illustrated, there are endless ways to view the world from our window. We just need to remind ourselves that we are driving the train and that the smallest of adjustments in our perspective, can have a huge impact us.

Imagine just one different thought, one different feeling, one different action culminating in one different outcome…….

How’s the view from here?

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Border Control.

With all the self help reading material that I have consulted over the years you would think that I may have mastered some elements by now???Apparently not!!!! I know all about visualisation, mediation, goal setting, law of attraction etc etc etc………Then why on earth have I still not achieved that peace of mind and why does it seem so elusive?

On that note I even know that you should never ask “WHY” questions, because our fabulously talented subconscious, will of course find a thousand reasons ”Why are we not……..?……..enough. Please feel free to fill in the gap with your own version!!!!










As you well know this list is inexhaustible!!!!!!

Instead we need to ask ourselves HOW do we achieve our dreams? This supposedly motivates our subconscious into overdrive, trying to source solutions to the question rather than researching supporting evidence for our own doubts.

What I don’t understand is why (there it is again!!) do we lock onto the tiniest of negative experiences and blow them so out of proportion that they debilitate us, yet the most glorious uplifting and positive exchanges, we do not seem capable of enjoying for long enough. We often feel sad that these happy moments have passed and our memories are tinged with longing for the return of that fleeting high.

We are told that our subconscious is protecting us from harm and that at some atomic level we have imprinted that it needs to keep us safe. Even if that means throwing up at every opportunity our inventory of failures and flaws to remind us not to risk something or indeed anything in the future.

Well……..I’ve had enough of that!!!!!

I would consider myself an expert of some standing on the art of dragging up self doubt with frightening regularity, and quite frankly I do not need my subconscious doing me any more favours by providing an archived record of inadequacies, to add to my already extensive list of woes.

It’s like having a default icloud setting that backs up every faux pas you’ve ever committed and then proceeds to update you on their progress constantly.

I propose a different model…….

Our subconscious is supposed to be our best friend….. would you accept a catalogue of mistakes and insecurities being brought up by your BFF ad infinitum? I suspect not, and yet we put up with this assault  from our interior dialogue constantly.

Our challenge is to adopt a more mindful disposition where we are very present and consciously check what thoughts we allow past our sensors, like a check point at the border control of the mind. Only allowing access to those friendly operatives and banishing the dodgy, unsavoury, mean, spiteful, hurtful, divisive assassins who seek to undermine us.

These need to be exiled and placed on the safeguarding register so we are on the lookout. When they attempt another infiltration we are then armed and ready to combat them.

Although it may seem like a huge effort to monitor our thoughts daily it’s ultimately easier to fend off insurgents from the outside that to deal with them once they set up camp and become rooted deep within our inner conclave.

What I have learnt in my quest for a better understanding of  myself is that  we do have control of what we think and can at any moment challenge those thoughts. We can interrogate them and decide whether they are worthy of our attention or simply some subversive drivel we should consign to the wilderness.

We are all precious valuable, spirited individuals with gorgeous unique traits which we should celebrate and enhance rather than trying to homogenise our being and constantly find ourselves lacking.

The only voices in our heads should be positive, dynamic, supportive ones that encourage us to grow and journey onwards towards a healthy happy future full of possibilities and adventures.

Guard and patrol the borders, stay vigilant and defend the right to keep your mind a peaceful zone.

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Just Be…

Just Bee Blog Image Have you ever had the feeling that somehow the life you should be living and the purpose destined for you, is just beyond your grasp? It’s as if some invisible force field has surrounded you and no matter how hard you try to break through, there seems no way of accessing the parallel universe where the real you resides.

You know that it’s there alright, you even experience a flutter of excitement every now and again when the negative chatter inside your head, quietens long enough for your worlds to collide, and you catch sight of how bright your future is there. Sadly too many of us listen to the negative buzz in our heads and remain trapped in a paradigm that never shifts, with faded dreams and regret for what might have been.

Somewhere deep within us all we know what gives us joy, purpose and satisfaction  so why do so many of us fight this deepest of instincts time and time again? Finding ourselves caught in an endless cycle of dissatisfaction, distracting ourselves with a seemingly limitless array of mundane tasks that wither the spirit and do nothing to enrich our souls.

Of course there are things in life that need attention and we have to do, but when we allow these things to steal all our time, energy and enthusiasm for our life then we are truly imprisoned.

While I pondered this dilemma on the tube into town last week, the image of a honey bee came to my mind and seemed like the perfect analogy. After all these creatures are incredibly industrious and productive and everyone in their community knows that they are destined to do and what is expected of them. Of course the workers are the ones we see mostly and their tasks are numerous from foraging for nectar and pollen, to feeding the young larvae, protecting the hive and keeping it in good repair, making honey and beeswax and playing a vital role in pollination  of course too. They are the ultimate purposeful insect with a strong sense of community and societal duties.

Imagine then if a honey bee was pinned under a an upturned glass on a garden table….

It would be tantalisingly close to the flowers it was on route to visit, still able to see all their blooming glory tempting the honey bee with their spectrum of colours and ultraviolet markings. Illuminating the pathways to the ultimate prize, the nectar so desired and essential for survival.

Yet despite the honey bees natural talents, trapped under the glass, it could not sample the flowers hospitality, collect or deliver pollen, reach the hive to dance and share where the sweetest nectar lies. It could only navigate in circles searching in vain, for a way out.

The” buzzing” inside the glass would be amplified, echoing as the agitated insect became more frustrated and intensified its determination to escape the transparent enclosure. From the outside though, there would be no noise… no voice…. just the muted vibration of a disorientated and isolated creature, looking desperately to restore balance and be set free.

If only we realised, that all too often it is us who have our hand held firmly over the glass, keeping our true selves locked away and denying our purpose in life.

Sometimes we may need to ask for help raising the glass…..that’s ok.. others can have a better perspective and may ensure that we do not get stung.

If we could just tip the glass enough to offer an escape, away from the deafening sounds of our own doubts, then we too could fly like the honey bee and find our own path to the sweetest life….

Coming back on the tube later in the day, believe it or not a real live honey bee flew into my compartment as I was leaving the carriage….. life is amazing….Bee happy!!!!

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